Connie’s Inn

Connie’s Inn was located on “The Corner,” the intersection of 132nd Street and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard. Connie Immerman, a white bootlegger, opened the club in 1923 during prohibition. The club drew a lot of gangsters, molls and rumrunners. Connie’s was the Cotton Club’s main rival, also featuring mainly black performers for a white audience. Connie did allow her performers to create their own shows, however, and some of the performers included Louis Armstrong, Moms Mabley, Fats Waller, Wilbur Sweatman, Peg Leg Bates, and Fletcher Henderson.

In 1933, when gangsterism was rampant, Connie Immerman’s brother George got kidnapped. This convinced Connie that bootlegging was becoming too dangerous and when it also lost its profitability with the repeal of prohibition by the end of 1933, she shut the club down.


Vaudeville Old and New
Mention of Connie’s Inn in Vaudeville Old and New by Frank Cullen, Florence Hackman and Donald McNeilly
A very exact description of Connie’s organ.

You Rascal, You
Connie’s Inn Orchestra: You Rascal, You. 1931