Literary Harlem

Our group took two mapping approaches. The first consisted of choosing a particular literary figure, then mapping their movements throughout Harlem. The other approach was more thematic--looking at literary salons and the people who moved in and out of the private/public spaces.

These approaches created a tangled web of maps; it became clear that as people moved throughout Harlem no one space was owned by one person. Addresses were passed down, and some authors evaded any kind of mapping-few records were left of their many temporary residences. In some cases, little record was left describing who was where and when.

The map uses color coded symbols to organize the data.
The key is as follows:

external image Picture%201.png - YMCA's, hotels, other places that several authors have lived in temporarily

external image Picture%203.pngA yellow house icon denotes salons, private public spaces where many prominent Harlem Renaissance writers met and discussed projects. Also used to denote libraries/literaray gatherings

external image Picture%205.pngA martini icon denotes public spaces (like restaurants and bars) in which writers and other intellectuals would socialize.

external image Picture%209.png- Schools

external image Picture%2021.png- Hospitals

external image Picture%2011.png- Fire!! Magazine

external image Picture%2010.png-information regarding the Negro Experiemental Theater, people involved with the Negro Experiemental Theater, theater in Harlem

external image Picture%2020.pngMiscellaneous figures and places

external image Picture%208.png-James Van Der Zee

external image Picture%202.pngThe normal blue marker denotes James Baldwin locations.

external image Picture%2019.pngA pink circular marker shows places dealing with Carl Van Vechten.

external image Picture%206.png- Langston Hughes

external image Picture%207.pngA yellow marker shows Zora Neale Hurston's various residences.

external image Picture%2017.png- Alain Locke

external image Picture%2014.png-Adelaide and Waldo Frank

external image Picture%2016.png- Audre Lorde

external image Picture%2022.png- Countee Cullen