Monette’s Supperclub

Monette’s Supperclub was a short-lived speakeasy opened by Monette Moore under prohibition in 1933. There were rumors that Clifton Webb backed the club financially. Moore was a singer and performer but since she was also acting as hostess of the club, she hired 18-year-old Billie Holiday to sing to the accompaniment of Dot Hill.

Moore invited John Hammond to the club to hear her sing, but Hammond was smitten with Holiday’s performance and made himself her unofficial publicist. Billie Holiday went on to become an extremely influential performer, while Monette’s Supperclub closed three weeks after Holiday’s discovery.


Wishing on the Moon
Mention of Holiday’s discovery at Monette’s in Billie Holiday: Wishing on the Moon

Miss Brown to You
Recording of Billie Holiday’s first studio session in 1935, arranged by John Hammond