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Password: hiramperez

· Alessandra Kortenhorst

· Laura Checkley

· Christina Phan

Project Breakdown
Christina Phan: educational/support group organizations for gay AIDS patients
Laura/Alessandra: health centers, clinics, and hospitals that treat gay AIDS patients

· Harlem United (Brochures and fliers with hip language—get photo copies of postcards)
· African Sisters United
· Harlem United Community AIDS Center Inc.
o 123-125 West 124th Street New York, NY 10027
o 212-531-1300
· Balm and Gilliad
· Prevention, Education, and Policy
o 306 Lenox Ave., 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10027
o 212-803-2880
· Gay Men of African Descent
o 212-283-1890
· Black Men’s Exchange
o 212-283-1890
· Minority Task Force on AIDS / Forging Ahead For Community Empowerment and Support oldest AIDS healthcare provider for people of color in nyc
· New York State Black Gay Network
· Project Stay
· Gay Men’s Health Charity
· Project ACHIEVE
· BLK Magazine
· Gay Men’s Health Crisis
o “Hands Around the Capital” event
· America’s AIDS Magazine
· Abyssinian Baptist Church – Rev. Calvin Butts
o Had himself tested publicly on September 15th, 1999 at Harlem Health Expo
· Riverside Church

· Bailey House, Inc
· Exponents
· Better Brooklyn Community Center
· People of Color in Crisis
· Harlem OneStop

· Iris House
· Black Leadership Commission on AIDS
· Beacon of Hope
· National Action Network
· New Hope for the World Ministries

Helpful links
one of the Black AIDS Institute's handouts specifically focused on NYC
· Columbia Spectator article (contact the writer for her sources?)
· Boarder Babies With AIDS in Harlem
o "New York City had the highest rate of pediatric AIDS in the nation; the community of Harlem, in northern Manhattan, had one of the highest densities of maternal–newborn HIC infection in the city.”
· National Black Leadership Comission on AIDS (probs good public records)
· Timeline of events related to AIDS in Harlem
· Google Ebook on AIDS social work
· AIDS Museum in Newark

  • harlem AIDS blanket, community art project:

  • keith haring ASC in harlem

Timeline to show how perception of AIDS has changed