Our map spotlights venues that facilitated public sex culture in early 20th century Harlem and today. Throughout the early period where New York laws strictly prohibited sexual relations between consenting individuals of the same sex, there were many spaces created by the gay public that allowed for the open expression of their sexuality. These ranged from the privately managed buffet flats to public baths and brothels.

By the 21st century, many of the earlier laws banning homosexual acts have been repealed and the classification of homosexuality as a psychological disorder has been removed the DSM. With the shifting of America’s relationship to the gay community, the early venues that provided a safe, discreet environment transitioned into highly organized establishments that openly advertise their purpose and actively recruit new participants through sexually suggestive imagery and taglines. These sex parties often vary in their preferred clientele. In this way, a large variety of sex parties are available to cater to the various subcultures within the gay community.

Despite the availability and self-promotion of these groups, private sex parties still flourish in New York City (although not Harlem). Craiglist is a popular means by which these events are organized and individual websites. Craigslist specifically allows its visitors to place personal ads based on their preferred sexual preference. This allows individuals to anonymously yet openly arrange private liaisons using a public forum.

Buffet Flats - indicated by blue pins
~Apartment 3 at 304 West 147th Street, a popular buffet flat for Harlemites

~108 w 137th St, Buffet Flat on 1928-05-25

~221 W 138th St, Buffet Flat run by Mrs Shuford. 04/18/1925

~Buffet Flat operated in Ernest Jone's Basement, 05/25/1928

~108 w 137th St, Buffet Flat 05/25/1928

(indicated by yellow pin)
~Sex Circus 140th Street, In Harlem, Hazel Valentine ran a sex circus on 140th Street. Called "The Daisy Chain" or the "101 Ranch," it catered to all varieties of sexual tastes, and featured entertainers such as "Sewing Machine Bertha" and an enormous transvestite named "Clarenz." The Daisy Chain became so notorious that both Fats Waller and Count Basie composed tunes commemorating it.

(Youtube video of Fat Waller's song Valentine Stomp, which commemorates the Daisy Chain)

Businesses - indicated by pink pin
~Gumby's Bookstore
" Gumby, who had arrived in Harlem near the turn of the century, immediately became entranced with the theatrical set and decided to open a salon to attract them. He worked as a postal clerk and acquired a patron, eventually renting a large studio on Fifth Avenue between 131st and 132nd streets. Known as Gumby's Bookstore because of the hundreds of books that lined the walls, the salon drew many theatrica and artistic luminaries. White author Samuel Steward remembers being taken to Gumby's one evening by a lesbian friend and enjoying a delightful evening of "reefer," bathtub gin, a game of truth, and homosexual exploits."

Harlem Undercover : Vice Investigators, Race, and Prostitution, 1910−−1930


Alexander Gumby, owner of Harlem Bookstore that held "delightful evening(s) of reefer, bathtub gin, a game of truth, and homosexual exploits."

A short article discussing Grumby

Brothels - indicated by green house
~151 West 140th Street
Billie Holiday and her mother were among the many women working in this Brothel. Both were caught in a raid in 1947. Holiday was just 14 years old. After being arrested she "was sent to the hospital on Welfare Island for five months, a sentence that indicates that she was suffering from venereal disease." Harlem Undercover : Vice Investigators, Race, and Prostitution, 1910−−1930
~42 West 138th Street, Brothel

Public Bath - indicated by blue pin
~33-39 W 134th St, was home to Harlem Public Baths around 1925/1926

Current Clubs - indicated by martini glass
~El Morocco Nightlclub:*Frequent Gay Night Parties*


~ LE BOY NYC: Boy Bar is the hottest new uptown bar, filled with sexy bartenders, cute Dominican boys, and all kinds of fun (and trouble).

~No Parking Bar: No Parking Bar is a New York City Gay Bar where you can find an awesome crowd with the sizzling dancers and bartenders.

Current Private Sex Parties (Advertised on Craigslistings) - indicated by red pin
~PostingID: 2355661086 - 157th street and Riverside Dr. across 1 train
~PostingID: 2364408012 - *T NIA UNCUT MEAT - 46 (HARLEM/122 AND LEX)*
~PostingID: 2355815008 - *masc guy seeking hot massage with j\o (125st)*
~PostingID: 2360871146 - *Masc Older Tops (Harlem / Morningside)* in the harlem area (139 st)
~PostingID: 2362804324 - DKSKIN IN HARLEM!! - 21 (Harlem / Morningside)* - hosting on 135th n 7th..whats good?!
~PostingID: 2226822416 - *145th street/bway - 27 (Harlem / Morningside)
~PostingID: 2225756144 - *2 for 3rd 148th/7th.. - 35*

Current Public Sex Parties - indicated by theater masks
~Bear Hunt NYC: a weekly private sex party for bears, chubs and chasers.
This party is for men of all sizes, ages and races.
~The Men's Party: a NO ATTITUDE private party in Manhattan for in-shape guys of all races between 18-45 years old. No gym body requiered, Snacks, beverages, condoms and lube are provided. One room for socializing and one for playing. Smoking area available for those who's like to do so.
~Raw Riders NYC: a NO ATTITUDE private party in Manhattan for men of all ages(18+), sizes and races who wish to engage in bareback (condomless) sex with other consenting adults. This party welcomes everyone including twinks, bears, muscle boys, daddies etc. Snacks, beverages, lube, a sling and clothes check are all provided. There is one room for socializing and one for playing (it's like a house party with benefits).

21st Century Gay Cruising
Internet websites have become a popular means of enabling gay individuals who wish to engage in sexual encounters to interact in ways that were not possible before. Although in the past gay “cruisers” were typically individuals who patronizes public, yet discreet areas with the aim of encountering and having sex with anonymous partners this has changed with technological advances. Individuals are now able to use websites or phone applications to preselect individuals who fit their personalized physical appearance standards and are located in close proximity to them. This added convenience has revolutionized public sex culture in that it allows for a greater organization of users as a community while allowing them to simultaneously maintain the degree of anonymity that they desire. Individuals are able to interact to a greater degree prior to engaging in sexual acts and they are also able to manage their own sexual encounters and move them into a safer private space that is free from police surveillance and passerbyers.

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