St. Nick’s Pub

St. Nick’s Pub has been around since the 1930s and is the only jazz club from that era that never shut down. It originally opened as the Poosepahtuck Club with Joe Jordan as house pianist and Monette Moore (who later opened Monette’s Supperclub) as vocalist. In 1940, Duke Ellington’s piano player Lucky Roberts bought the club and renamed it Lucky’s Rendezvous. Art Tatum, Donals Lamber and Marlowe Morris frequently enjoyed the seven nights a week jazz sessions that continue to this day.

In 1950, the club underwent another transformation, reopening as the Pink Angel. The Monday night jam sessions were particularly popular and remain so today, always featuring some of the most interesting jazz musicians of the day.

The club finally received it’s current name in the 1960s and established itself as a staple of Harlem nightlife. Today, the Saturday African nights are especially popular, but the small bar is crowded every night of the week. Although there is a small cover fee for a table, there is usually only a one or two drink minimum to stand at the bar.

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